What I Learned From RWA National 2010: Blog Series

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Pen and Quill

Even though I attended the RWA Convention in Orlando this year, I purchased the RWA CDs so that I could listen to the workshops I missed.  I’ve been listening to them all week, and boy am I glad I got them!

But then I started thinking about all others who missed workshops or couldn’t attend the convention this year.  So…

I’ve decided to do a little RWA 2010 Conference Blog Series outlining key concepts I came away with in a few of the workshops. 

Obviously, with approximately 130 workshops, it would be a huge undertaking to blog about all of the workshops (which was what I initially thought of doing).  I have decided to pick 12 of them, focusing on Craft

I would love to have guest bloggers to provide posts on some of these workshops.  They could be detailed posts or they could be short snippets outlining just one main concept. 

Remember, you would only be sharing what you took away from the workshop, not the specifics of the workshop itself!

Below is a tentative calendar of blog posts.  I’m aiming for a start date of September 27, 2010, and I’ll start off discussing Queryfest.  Please let me know if you are interested in blogging on one of the other workshops.  Your posts would include a promotional blurb with links back to your site. 

9/27 – Queryfest 9/29 – Three Steps to a Highly Hot Hero 10/1 – 11 Senses – Who Knew?
10/4 – No More Sagging Middles 10/6 – Paranormals 10/8 – Romance That Snaps, Sizzles, and Pops
10/11 – A to Zs of Alpha Heroes 10/13 – Building Theme 10/15 – Doin’ It with Dialogue
10/18 – Humor, Heat, and Hooks 10/20 – Turn the Page! Writing Techniques 10/22 – Five Ingredients for Crafting a Big Book

If you would like to guest blog on a workshop not included above (information on publishers would be helpful), please let me know and I’ll add you to the roster.

Even if you choose not to guest blog (but I hope you do!), please visit periodically to leave comments regarding each of the workshop blog posts.  I’d love to get others’ opinions on what they personally took away from the workshops.

Happy writing!



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