The Vampire, The Witch And The Werewolf – Interview with Louisa Bacio

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Today I’d like to welcome Louisa Bacio to the site. She’ll be discussing her recent release, The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome. (Don’t you love that title? Smile)

ME: Can you tell us a little about your recent release, The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome?

LOUISA: There’s not much hidden in that title. Winking smile Seriously, the novel opens with two male hotties – Lawrence, a vampire, and Trevor, a werewolf, in the heat of the moment. They’re interrupted by the heroine, Lily, who’s come to them for help figuring out what’s happening to her. Set in the heart of the French Quarter, the story contains multiple layers of paranormal, from Voodoo to ghosts, and I was very much in another “zone” while writing. Some of the content amazes myself. As a writer, I’m pretty sure you know what I mean. (Yup, I do!)

ME: I absolutely love New Orleans. I think it’s one of the coolest cities around, and something about the city inspires tales of the supernatural. Why did you choose it as the location of your book?

LOUISA: There’s a mystery and allure that infuses the atmosphere of New Orleans. With the paranormal/supernatural, maybe it’s because I started reading Anne Rice when I was an “impressionable” teen, and she truly made me believe that I could look at the window and see a vampire hovering outside the second story. Rice also taught that love knows no gender.

When I started plotting out the novel – and as a writer I use that word “plot” liberally since I consider myself a “pantster,” it naturally felt like it should be set in New Orleans. Weeks later, I was given the opportunity to visit the city for the first time, and it turned into an omen.

ME: What do you think your readers will appreciate most about your story?

LOUISA: Hopefully, the naturally organic relationship that exists/develops between Lawrence, Trevor and Lily. The characters surprised me with their dimensionality and the way their story unfolded. Plus, there are a few real and sensually raw sex scenes.

ME: What types of stories do you personally like to read and who is your favorite author?

LOUISA: The best stories are those that capture the reader’s interest, and hold it through the end of the tale. And, then … those that make me upset once they are finished because I want more. There’s more to come with “The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome,” because not only do I want more, they want me to finish telling their stories.

A favorite influential author would have to be Stephen King. It’s hard to imagine reading him when I was 12, but it’s true. But, I love so many authors that take me into another world. Most recently, I admire Robyn Carr and her “Virgin River” series. Her characters propel the stories, and I easily poured through the first four or five in the series before taking a break.

ME: So, what’s up next for you?

LOUISA: Currently, I have a few books in the works. One is a F/F sequel to my debut novel, Sex University: Physical Education, and then I’ve completed outlining the next two books in “The Vampire, the Witch & The Werewolf” series. It’s dueling-tales within my mind.

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Haunted by paranormal abilities that she can’t control, and plagued by nightmares about a demon that seeks her soul, Lily Anima travels to New Orleans in search of salvation.

In the French Quarter, Lily dives into the paranormal world and enlists the help of an unlikely couple: a vampire, Lawrence Justice, and a werewolf, Trevor Pack.

As the trio encounters ghosts, voodoo and unspeakable evil, will Trevor and Lawrence be able to help Lily turn her powers into a gift rather than a curse? And when Lily discovers that she needs to lose her virginity in order to embrace her powers and get the demon off her back, will the twosome be able to survive as a threesome?


“I thought you two were supposed to hate each other.”

The question came out of the darkness, and beneath him, Lawrence could feel Trevor’s muscles flex, as if his werewolf lover were readying himself for combat.

The coppery taste of Trevor’s blood filled Lawrence’s mouth, and he stroked his tongue over his lips, making sure to catch every drop, always careful to avoid the sharp points of his teeth. By now, the act had become more than second nature. A young vamp had only to cut his tongue a few times on his own teeth before learning an ever-after lesson. As for Lawrence, he’d learned that trick of the trade more years ago than he’d care to count.

“And where did you get that mythos? That saccharine ’tween series that teaches abstinence?” Lawrence retorted, talking while getting a bearing on their intruder. “No one has sex in those stories. Just because the elusive and tortured vampire and the lovely nubile werewolf pretend not to like each other, doesn’t mean that the entire species feels the same way.”

As she stepped out of the darkness and into the shadows, her beauty struck him: petite, but muscular, well built, and well proportioned. Legs that took up more than half her body length, with a tanned creaminess that most people associated with beach bunnies slathered in silky suntan oil. Oh, baby, he could almost smell the sweet coconut allure and feel the sun’s warm rays from memory alone. Her short red leather skirt provided plenty of bare thigh to draw him in.

From the feel of Trevor’s cock growing hard against Lawrence, he obviously liked the way she looked, too. They had shared women in the past, but this one carried an air about her. A magnetism that called to him.

She took another step forward and stood directly beneath a light, the gold streaks in her red hair shone. She glanced up. As if on cue, the bulb flickered, sending out waves of darkness, until it shattered and went dark. She took another step forward, high-heeled boots crunching on broken glass.

“Holy shit,” Trevor said. “Law, let me up.” Trevor pushed against Lawrence with his hips.

After shifting his own straining member aside, Lawrence un-straddled Trevor’s body. The minute their bodies lost contact, he immediately missed Trevor’s comforting heat. Nothing like a were-boyfriend to keep one’s bed warm in winter.

“If left alone for too long,” Lawrence continued on his oft-spoken fantasy, “I’m sure the two haters would eventually become lovers.”

“That’s enough Lawrence,” Trevor said. “I’m sure our uninvited guest came here for a reason, and it’s probably best we hear what it is.”

The hair on the back of Trevor’s neck rose up beneath Lawrence’s fingertips. His senses on high alert, Lawrence could see the outer edges of Trevor’s nostrils flare out as if he was trying to catch her scent.

“She doesn’t smell right,” he said, whispering under his breath. “Not human … at least not totally, but I’m not sure what else.”

“That’s what I’m hoping you’ll help me figure out,” she said, walking closer. “I need to know what I am, and I heard that you two may be able to help me.”

With his hand extended, Trevor looked absolutely regal in his khaki pants, despite not wearing a shirt. He’d been working out the past few months, and the muscles on his chest stood out. He’d certainly buffed up since that night Lawrence found him beaten and near death in the alley.

“I’m Trevor Pack,” he said, offering his hand to their female guest. “This is my partner Lawrence Justice. And who might you be?”

“Lilianna Anima,” she said, “but my friends call me Lily. At least they used to. The past year, I’ve lost most of them.”

She ran her fingers through her hair, and the corner of her eye twitched as if she had been reading too much, and sleeping not enough.

“First, I’d like to know how you got in here,” Trevor said, stepping in front of Lawrence, and spreading out his stance. “And then, who sent you to us. We run an after-hours bookstore. I’m not quite sure how we’re supposed to help you with anything, unless you’re looking for some sort of rare, first-edition release.”

The lights above flickered, and with a quick glance upward, Lawrence interjected. “Don’t mind the manners of my young partner, Ms. Anima. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, and I’ll make you some tea.”

With his hand on her lower back, Lawrence led her over to a black and white ’50s-style dinette set in the corner. Although they lived in an oversized loft, the living space had been broken down into different sections: kitchen, dining area, living room, and sleeping quarters. Within the middle space, high Asian-influenced black partitions separated the area. Around the outside of the floor, they had installed walls to afford privacy in the bedrooms.

As soon as Lilianna sat in the chair, her bravado deflated. Shoulders hunched forward, she rested her chin in the palms of her hands, and shook her head, as if she wasn’t quite sure what she was doing there. Lawrence motioned to Trevor to sit next to her, and he placed the teakettle on to boil. After more than 180 years of being in this world, Lawrence had learned that a soothing cup of chamomile tea with lavender honey calmed just about anyone’s nerves. And Ms. Anima looked to need a shot of whiskey in her brew too.

“So Ms. Anima, has anyone ever told you that your last name means ‘soul’ in Italian?” Lawrence asked.

“Not in the first five minutes of conversation,” she replied. “Has anyone ever told you that your name, ‘Law Justice,’ is a bit redundant?”

“Ah, touché. But when you get to be my age, you get to choose your name,” he said. “And I’m such a fan of irony. Isn’t that true, Mr. Pack.”

Trevor’s laughter expanded the space, pushing out the negative vibes surrounding Lily. She looked at him with a smile of her own, and Lawrence’s heart did a little lurch. While he couldn’t read minds outright, he could very much read people, and something told him that Ms. Anima would bring some pain and joy into their lives.

As Lawrence poured the hot water into three china cups, he readied himself for the conversation to come. Either they would turn the lonesome creature away from their home and refused to help her, or they would open the future to the unknown. He laid a slice of lemon onto each matching saucer and carried all three to the table. One look in Lily’s eyes, and Lawrence knew the choice already had been made. An option had never existed.

She studied the blue floral pattern on the china, dragging her ring finger around the delicate edge before picking up the cup and taking a slow sip. She closed her eyes, and he could imagine the warm liquid flowing down her equally delicate throat. Above the rim of his own cup, Trevor met Lawrence’s gaze and he lifted his eyebrows in question. Lawrence reached over and placed his hand on Trevor’s, sending an assurance that all would be well.

Lily opened her eyes, and took in their clasped hands. “Who’s the alpha?” she asked, disarming Lawrence’s sympathy.

“We have a long history together,” Trevor said, in explanation. As if that wasn’t the understatement of the decade, Lawrence thought, stifling further comment.

“Plus, having a werewolf as a lover,” Lawrence said with a slight laugh, “definitely has its furrr-inge benefits. You should try it someday.”

“Do you come as part of the deal?”

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Louisa wants to know, when you think of a paranormal book, what’s your most romantic setting? Any reasons why that particular location comes to mind?


9 thoughts on “The Vampire, The Witch And The Werewolf – Interview with Louisa Bacio

    Rosalie Lario responded:
    April 29, 2011 at 9:02 am

    Thanks so much for stopping in, Louisa. I absolutely love the concept of this story. Witches, vampires, werewolves and threesomes? I’m sold!! 🙂

      Louisa Bacio said:
      April 29, 2011 at 12:13 pm

      Thanks so much for having me here! When I thought about a threesome, I went for the ultimate fantasy!

    Christine Ashworth said:
    April 29, 2011 at 11:42 am

    This sounds awesome, Louisa! Glad to see you here. Lori Perkins really talked up your book at RT11!

      Louisa Bacio said:
      April 29, 2011 at 12:14 pm

      Aww, thanks for letting me know Christine. It came out the Thursday of RT, so good timing. When I set that deadline I was hoping for a release date like that!

    Viki S. said:
    April 29, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    I loved the excerpt!
    I really like the stranded setting. It could be in a snowed in cabin or on a beach. I just love how they have to “learn” one another.

    Julia Rachel Barrett said:
    April 29, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    Delicious story! Wishing you the best.

    Louisa Bacio said:
    April 29, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    Thanks so much Viki. I enjoy those “stranded” tales, too.

    Grazie Julia. Hoping to move up to RWA PAN status with this book! *fingers crossed!*

    Shelley Munro said:
    April 29, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    I really like the concept of this book and wish you all the best with it. I’m also a big Robyn Carr fan and powered through the first few books in her Virgin River series. She writes such great characters.

    Louisa Bacio said:
    April 30, 2011 at 1:31 am


    Thanks for stopping by and giving your support! I had to put Robyn Carr down after a few books because I became “addicted.” 😉 I had to make myself read other authors. Although, I keep thinking about going back …


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