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Update: The winner of FALLING HARD and the romance trading cards is… Renee Bennett! Congrats! We’ll contact you privately to set up delivery.

 Morning, everyone! Today I have a special guest for you. J.K. Coi is here to talk about her recent release, FALLING HARD (and you know how much I love angel romance!) Stay tuned for details on how to win a digital copy of FALLING HARD, as well as a complete set of romance trading cards!

When I was writing the first book in my Warring Angels series, FALLING HARD, I had the freedom to create the entire world that my characters would live in, from scratch. It’s a heady feeling, this power to control something so monumental as the way the whole world will work. And also quite daunting.

The thing I always try to keep in mind when writing in a paranormal/fantasy genre (which can also apply to genres taking place in historical time periods), is that keeping it simple can have a big effect. Even small changes when they are made to things often taken for granted will end up standing out. So in the case of my angels, instead of creating a new world, I simply used our own contemporary world, with a few tweaks to the rules.

For example, because angels are traditionally pictured as protective and serene beings silently watching over us, I decided to turn that ideology on its ear and make my angels into beings looking not to protect humanity, but to eradicate it and take over the world for themselves after having been imprisoned and kept from earth for millennia. They aren’t serene so much as crazed sociopaths who are cracking under the pressure when emotion is returned to them after so many thousands of years without it.

When I had an idea which part of my world would be different from the norm, the rules could then be as complex or as simple as I wanted them to be, but I was also able to retreat into the safety of a world that already has well defined rules and boundaries that I didn’t have to try and figure out. For example, although I had to come up with a mythology and history for the angels, everyone knows what gravity is like on our world, that there are cars and planes and trains, and that strawberries taste a certain way. Those are things I wouldn’t have to explain to the reader (thank goodness).

In almost all circumstances, world building will have a lot to do with the culture, history and belief systems of the characters who take centre stage. This is my favourite part! I love figuring out where my characters came from, what made them who they are and how much of it comes from threads that get woven into the whole of the world I’m creating. In FALLING HARD, Amelia served the Archangels and had been given the difficult task of imprisoning the other angels and stripping them of their emotion. She did it in order to stop the endless civil war between her kind, but those decisions have consequences, and affect both the new world I created, and the normal world as well.

The trick is keeping the rules I’ve made up and those that already existed in sync with one another, and making sure that I don’t break the rules once they are put into place. Especially now that I’m working on a second book in the same world, and dealing with new characters and their goals and motivations.

I’m more than happy to answer questions in the comments, or just to chat about world building, crazy-ass angels, and the appeal of bad-boy rock stars J

And thanks so much for the opportunity to be here!


After a life filled with tragedy, rocker Gabriel Gunn thinks he’s finally getting the better of his personal demons. Then he’s attacked after a concert—and rescued by a warrior goddess brandishing a sword and white wings. As hard as it is to believe in an angelic bodyguard, Gabriel must face an even more impossible truth: he carries the devil’s soul within him.

Amelia has been watching over Gabriel for years, using her angelic powers to prevent Lucifer’s return. Now she must also protect him from warring angel factions with their own agendas. Amelia would do anything to avert another angelic war, even sacrifice her own emotions to avoid temptation. Yet with Gabriel she feels things she no longer wants to deny, and pleasure she never imagined.

But the closer Gabriel and Amelia get, the stronger Lucifer becomes. Will Amelia be forced to kill the man she’s come to love to stop the war she’s always feared?

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Want to win a copy of FALLING HARD, along with a set of romance trading cards? Ask J.K. a question or tell us what you love most about the bad boys? (Or if *gasp* you don’t love them at all!)


8 thoughts on “Creating Worlds Plus Giveaway!

    Denise Z said:
    August 28, 2011 at 1:44 am

    There has always been something appealing about a bad boy. In the imagination or fantasies he will always be attractive in not having to try kind of way, he is mysterious and unapologetic about his behaviors, he will protect you even though he is not “the good dude”, and he can make others back down just with a look. Whether this is my fantasy of a bad boy or just a manly man is anyone’s guess, but I thank you for the fun and for the opportunity to win a copy of this book.


    Tracey D said:
    August 28, 2011 at 8:50 am

    Those fictional bad boys… gotta love them! I love most about the bad boys is when you take away the rough and tough exterior, there is a heart of gold… for the most part! LOL

    Falling Hard sounds good; I’m adding it to my wish list.

    Viki S. said:
    August 28, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    I wonder what made you think of warring angels to begin with? I really like the idea.
    As for bad boys – I love them because they are never all that bad. Somewhere within is always some good.

    Your book sounds like a great read.


    MadisonJEdwards said:
    August 28, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    How fortuitous that you blogged on this today. I’ve been reading Kristina Douglas’s Fallen Angels series, and she also tweaked the rules for her world building.
    Your except sounds intriguing, and you know I’ll keep my eye out for your book. Nice post JKC!

    Renee Bennett said:
    August 28, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what ya gonna do. Gonna love em cause underneath that bad boy persona is a man just waiting for the right woman to love.

    thanks for the chance to win a book

    Yadira A. said:
    August 30, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    What I love about bad boys is their overall intensity… whether it be feelings which can lead to the ruling of actions or their confidence no matter the situation. It’s all very appealing to me:)

    JK Coi said:
    August 30, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    Thanks so much for the comments everyone! You’re all right, there is totally something about the bad boys. but thankfully I only seem vulnerable to the ones I meet in books. In real life the man of my dreams brings me coffee in the morning and calls menhis bella pookie. Too sweet? My image is shot now, isn’t it LOL

    Cher Green said:
    September 1, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    Your world creating sounds interesting. How do you go about plotting your story, or are you a panster?


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