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coverI’ve been hard at work getting Heart of an Angel, Book 5 in the Fallen Warriors, ready for release! It has a yummy new cover (me likey!), and it’s in final edits with a  tentative release date of March 11thHeart of an Angel (The Fallen Warriors #5)

Here’s a blurb:

With war looming between angels and mankind, Abby seeks out the fallen angel who once saved her life…and earned her love. Nate is shocked to see the nephilim he saved as a young girl—and even more surprised at the alluring woman she’s become. Though he can’t deny the spark of attraction between them, nothing prepares him for Abby’s bold claim. That they are meant to be mated.

Tempting though Abby may be, the thought of loving and losing yet another mate forces Nate to resist her considerable charms. But his fiery little temptress won’t be so easily dissuaded. As the Fallen prepare to battle the angels over the fate of mankind, Abby must convince Nate that loving her is worth risking his heart.

And as a big THANK YOU for waiting so patiently, I’ve included a nice little teaser (note: it’s still in copy editing so please excuse any typos) ♥

Twelve Years Ago…

This winter might be the most boring one yet. Go figure. Abby thought the revelation that angels existed would have lightened things up a bit, but so far it had just created more work for everyone. Her mom in particular.

As she sat on the windowsill of her tiny bedroom, she alternated between doing her homework and staring at the white Christmas lights on the barren branches outside her window.

“Looks cold,” she murmured, more to hear noise than anything else.

At least she was inside, warm and cozy. Had to be grateful for the little things.

Mother wasn’t due to be home until close to midnight, which meant she was spending yet another evening home alone. Most of the thirteen-year-olds she knew would be happy to have so much time unsupervised by adults. But the truth was, she missed her mom.

I’m such a dork.

When her mother had taken the position as resident doctor at the nearby downtown New York City hospital, she’d told Abby it was going to give them a better life. As a single mom, she needed the extra pay the job provided. But then the angels had come into their world and abolished money. Even though they instituted a job lottery, due to her mother’s medical expertise she’d ended up keeping the same job. So now it just meant she was working more hours with no discernible benefit.

Lost in thought, Abby barely noted the wisp of smoke curling up through the air. Only when it tickled her nose did the acrid stench break her from her reverie.

She turned her head to see vapor drifting in through the sliver of space beneath her door frame.

What the…?

It couldn’t be coming from her kitchen. She wasn’t allowed to cook while her mother was at work…which meant she’d pretty much been living on pizza the last six months.

She set her flowery lace curtain back into place and arose to search out the source of the smell. But when she turned the knob and stepped into the living room, her curiosity morphed into alarm. Ribbons of smoke wafted in from the door leading out to her building’s hallway.

The voice of Mrs. Mufson, her next door neighbor, suddenly cut through the relative silence of the small living room.

“Fire! Help, there’s a fire!”

“Oh my God.” Abby raced to the front door, but when she placed her hand on the doorknob the heat of the metal seared her skin.


She snatched her hand back, gasping in pain. Her alarm turned into full-blown panic. There was no way she’d be able to leave her apartment. And she didn’t even hear a hint of a siren blaring outside. By the time they arrived…it might already be too late.

Oh, crap. Crap!

The fire escape.

Thinking quickly, she did an about-face and raced back into her bedroom. After yanking the curtain to the side, she maneuvered the old, pre-war window frame up. It only rose about halfway, but that was enough for her to squeeze through.

Glad I didn’t have that last slice of pizza.

One inch more girth and she wouldn’t have fit.

She stepped onto the metal fire escape and the thing gave an unsteady rattle that tore a shriek from her throat. Her mother had complained to the landlord several times about the poor state of the fire escape, but he had yet to do anything about it. Add to that Abby’s fear of heights and the fact that they were seven stories up, and you had the recipe for a full-blown panic attack.

“You’re okay. You’re alright,” she huffed, sucking in several  frigid breaths.

The wind gusted onto the fire escape in heavy blasts that froze her skin. Her cable knit sweater was no match for this kind of weather. It was better than being on fire, though, so she wasn’t about to complain.

Suddenly the shrill blast of a siren sounded from several blocks away.

“Oh thank God.” Hopefully they’d get to Mrs. Mufson and the other inhabitants of the building on time.

Emboldened by the knowledge that help was on the way, she took several steps toward the stairs of the fire escape. With an abrupt wrenching sound, the metal gave way from its anchoring.

Abby screamed and grabbed onto the waist-high railing. She held on for dear life as the fire escape shifted and swayed.

For one brief moment it seemed as if the movement had stopped. But then, with a sickening lurch, the fire escape tilted to the side, vaulting her over the railing.


The ground rushed toward her at a sickening speed. Mind-numbing terror froze the breath in her lungs. Primal fear vibrated through every fiber of her being…along with an altogether more unusual feeling. The buzzing sensation of awareness.

Help,” she shrieked as the asphalt grew closer and closer, all the while knowing her desperate plea came far too late. Who could help her now?

But seconds before she hit the ground, something closed over her waist. She flew upward with a sickening jerk.

What the—?

Squeezing her eyes shut, Abby swallowed the nausea that threatened to force tonight’s pizza back up. Her hands instinctively gripped the vise at her waist.

No, not a vice. Those were ropy, defined muscles she held onto.


There were arms around her waist, and she was flying.

“Holy shit!”

A husky, masculine chuckle floated to her ears, accompanied by the fleeting scent of vanilla and spice.

An angel. She’d just been saved by a freaking angel!

Hysterical laughter bubbled in her throat. She’d thought she was toast. Had her savior been two seconds later, she would have been toast. But instead she’d been saved by one of the members of the elusive race that had taken patronage of Earth—a wondrous, amazing angel.

I finally get to see one.

She didn’t dare risk opening her eyes until the angel landed on a hard surface and set her to her feet. Taking an experimental peek, she realized she was on the roof of the building across the street.

“Oh my God!”

Her eyes flew all the way open when she saw the angry plumes of smoke ribboning up from the blasted out windows on her floor. Only then did her ears register the blaring siren of the fire truck that had pulled up alongside the street. The ladder had been raised, and the firemen were hard at work on saving the building’s inhabitants. But they would never have made it in time for her…

“I can’t believe it,” she murmured.

A deep, velvety voice sounded out behind her. “Are you okay, little one?”

“Yes. You saved me—”

She turned around to face her savior…and cut off with a shocked gasp.


Her angel didn’t look at all like she’d expected. He was no benevolent creature with long, flowing robes and a bland, peaceful smile. Instead he was the stuff of every teenage girl’s—and quite a few teenage boys’—fantasies.

The angel’s lower body was covered by a pair of faded jeans that showcased the strong muscles in his thighs…along with a few other things she’d only dared dream about. His upper body was bare, showing off honeyed skin, washboard abs, and a killer set of pecs. And his face…

God, his face.

Messy black hair rested atop a long, angular face with a strong, square chin. His eyes were a beautiful blue that brought to mind the skies before a storm. And his lips, framed by the hint of a five o’clock shadow, were devastatingly plump.

But as striking as the man was, it was none of these features that commanded the majority of her attention. Rather, it was the set of wings that rose from behind his shoulder blades and feathered to the ground in a show of primitive beauty.

The very black wings.

Black, not white!

“F-Fallen,” she gasped, staggering back. Her spine hit the low wall of the roof and for one heart-stopping moment she teetered, fearing she might go right over the edge.

Hope you enjoyed it, lovelies. And be sure to add Heart of an Angel to your Goodreads pile! Heart of an Angel (The Fallen Warriors #5)

CotS_500pxIn other release news, March 24th marks the release of the long-awaited end to the Demons of Infernum series, Call of the Siren. Call of the Siren (Demons of Infernum, #4)

Here’s the blurb for the heart-wrenching finale:

The half-siren half-demon bounty hunter Dagan Meyers swore he’d never settle down. His older brothers might’ve adjusted well to family life but tying himself to one woman is so not Dagan’s bag. Until he meets the gorgeous angel Lina, his brother Ronin’s long-lost adopted sister, and he can’t think of being with anybody but her. Too bad Ronin’s well aware of Dagan’s party-boy lifestyle and won’t let him anywhere near his angelic baby sister.

Lina is still getting over the abandonment issues that began when she was orphaned as a child and has devoted her life to taking down evil Otherworlders. The last thing she wants is to develop feelings for man she knows will eventually leave her, too. But as the battle against a growing darkness continues—a powerful fae who’s harnessed untold power—Dagan and Lina find that love may be their greatest weapon against the very thing that threatens to destroy them all.

This story moved me to tears more than once, and I think you’ll enjoy following my half-demon bad boys to the end of their journey.

Call of the Siren is available for Pre-Order now.

Next up, I’m hard at work on a series of hot contemporary romances featuring (what else?) a set of brothers you’ll absolutely love. Stay tuned for more on that… I  also aim to have the final book in the Fallen Warriors series out by the end of this year. 

Until then, stay sexy!


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