Release Updates and Some Steamy Angel Lovin’

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Happy Friday, everyone! Can you believe tomorrow is March already??

CotS_500pxI’ve got two bits of news regarding the upcoming release of Call of the Siren (Demons of Infernum #4). First, the release has been pushed back to March 31st. That’s only one week later, though, and it’ll make the wait that much sweeter…

And now the really great news! My publisher has placed the e-book version on sale! For the first two weeks following release, it’ll be available for only 99 cents!! I’m super-excited to be able to bring you the emotional resolution to this series at such an amazing price. Find out what happens to Keegan, Taeg, Ronin, and Dagan. And if you enjoy the series, please consider telling a friend about the sale. Remember, it’s other readers (and of course the all-important reviews) that help people find new books. 🙂

FYI, you can pre-order Call of the Siren for only 99 cents at:


coverAnd now, as promised, here’s a steamy excerpt from my upcoming release Heart of an Angel  (Fallen Warriors #5, releases March 11):

A burst of sudden, intense desire panged into her, making her nipples hard and her inner thighs quake. She gasped when it hit her.

Too intense. Not just me.

He wanted her too. Badly. His desire for her thickened the air between them, urging her to close the distance.

So she did.

Alarm colored Nate’s expression, and he backpedaled. “Abby, no—”

Before he could say any more, she closed her hands around his neck and urged his head his head down. She noted with satisfaction that it didn’t take much coaxing for his lips to crush against hers.

His mouth was electrifying. Sinful to the core. He tasted decadent, like chocolate and cream. Smelled just as she’d remembered, like warm vanilla with a hint of luxurious spice.

God, but he was amazing.

Sparks of desire wound between them, pushing her past all sense of reason. Her hands slid down his back, memorizing every curve, every angle, of his silky skin. The heat of it warmed her fingertips, pulsing electricity through her veins.

Sweet heavens. This was far more fantastic than she could have ever imagined.

Apparently Nate thought so too, because he let out a groan that reverberated through her very core and moved his hands down her back. He slid them beneath her black knit sweater.

Every inch of flesh he touched sparked with desire. Crying out against his mouth, she smoothed her hands over his jean-clad ass. It was firm as steel.

Oh, hell yeah.

Damn, they were wearing far too many clothes.

Half out of her mind with need, she moved her fingers to the button of his jeans. It didn’t seem to want to cooperate, but she was so far gone she’d tear the stupid thing off if she had to. Anything to feel his naked flesh against hers.

This angel was hers. If she hadn’t known it before, this kiss would have proven it to her.

She would do anything to prove to him they belonged together.

Anything at all.

Heart of an Angel (The Fallen Warriors #5)

Until then, happy reading!


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