Seeking Reviewers for my Advance Review Team!

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Image courtesy of iosphere /
Image courtesy of iosphere /

So…good news. I’ve got several books scheduled to release within this coming year. (Yay!) In order to push them along, I’d like to form a small team of reviewers. If you’re interested, I will provide you with a FREE copy of my book (in advance whenever possible), and all I ask in return is that you post an honest review to Amazon (copied to Goodreads,, and your blog if you have one) within seven days of the release date.

To get on the review list, please CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP. I will cap the list at 10, so if you are interested be sure to sign up ASAP. (Those who join after that will be placed on a list for future books.) 😉

For those who join my team, I’ll send you a note in advance of the next release date with the book available for review (Heart of an Angel is up next), and you’ll be able to sign up to receive it in the e-format of your choice.

Reviews are like gold to authors. They are what enables other readers to find us, and ultimately our livelihood depends on them. If you’re a fan of my stories, I hope you’ll consider signing up. Oh hey, and in exchange you get free books!!

Happy reading, all. 🙂


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