Name that Sexy Angel Contest!

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So this past Tuesday was the release of Heart of an Angel, Book 5 in the Fallen Warriors series. I was so happy to learn that it hung out awhile at #15 in the Amazon Bestsellers category for Paranormal Angel Romance (as of this moment at #42)! To those of you who’ve bought it, thank you!!! And if you haven’t, it’s on Sale for only 0.99 cents now through March 18th, after which it’ll go back up to its normal $2.99 price. So be sure to grab your copy!

coverWith war looming between the angels and mankind, Abby seeks out the fallen angel who once saved her life…and earned her love. Nate is shocked to see the nephilim he saved as a young girl—and even more surprised at the alluring woman she’s become. Though he can’t deny the spark of attraction between them, nothing prepares him for Abby’s bold claim. That they are meant to be mated.

Tempting though Abby may be, the thought of loving and losing yet another mate forces Nate to resist her considerable charms. But his fiery little temptress won’t be so easily dissuaded. As the Fallen prepare to battle the angels over the fate of mankind, Abby must convince Nate that loving her is worth risking his heart.

Available Now at:

Heart of an Angel (The Fallen Warriors #5)

To celebrate the release, and just because it’s FUN, I decided to do a contest! It’s the Name That Sexy Angel Contest, and all you have to do to be entered is name your favorite sexy angel! (And no, he doesn’t have to be one of the Fallen. :-))

The winner will get an Awesome Prize Pack Including the following items: (1) a Signed Copy of Touch of the Angel, (2) a print Collector’s Edition of For Love of an Angel, (3) a ruby heart necklace like the one in Angel’s Kiss, (4) a double-sided bookmark, and (5) a Blood of the Demon refrigerator magnet). (Contest runs now through March 24th.)


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