Happy Friday! Excerpt from Wild Girls Rule

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Happy Friday, everyone! To take you into the weekend, here’s a snippet from Wild Girls Rule:



Wild Girls Rule Sml

When she turned back around, she brushed her long, loose hair off her shoulders, the gesture betraying her sudden nervousness. Something about that was truly adorable. They’d been together more times than he could count by now, but it was endearing that there was still a circumstance in which she could be nervous.

“Come here,” he murmured.

A pink flush rose in her cheeks as she walked toward him. But then her eyes gave that familiar devilish glint he’d become so accustomed to these past few weeks, and her lips curved into a smile. “Did you need something else, Mr. Everly?”

Andrew started to frown at her formality, but then he caught on. Blame his mental sluggishness on the hard-on that prevented him from thinking clearly. “You wanna play games?”

She cocked her head to the side, furrowing her brow as if confused by his statement. “I just want to make sure I please my boss.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet,” he murmured. Hailey might be a lot of things, but timid wasn’t one of them, and that’s exactly what she sounded like right now. To his surprise, her little game made him hot under the collar.

Hailey approached his desk, her fingers trailing suggestively along the edge of the wood. He stifled a groan at the illicit images her soft touch sparked. If anyone had ever told him he’d get turned on by watching a woman stroke an inanimate object, he would’ve laughed his brains out. Yet here he was…aroused beyond belief.

“What do you need, sir?” she asked, her voice a breathy whisper that made his dick twitch in his pants.

He pushed back slightly from his desk, splaying his legs out. “I need you to come here.”

Scraping her teeth along her bottom lip, she obeyed, stepping over his leg so she stood within the cocoon of his body. She leaned her pert little ass on the side of his desk, allowing him just the slightest peek up her skirt, and gave him a shy look. “Better?”

“Much,” he rumbled.

“Now what would you like, sir?”

He didn’t say anything, mostly because this game of hers had excited him even more than he could’ve imagined, and he was afraid his voice would come out a squeak. Reaching forward, he gave the knot at her waist a tug. It unraveled, the silky fabric coming undone with agonizing slowness.

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