New Work Coming Soon!

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Things have been quiet on my blog lately. I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus, much needed for my mental sanity!  crazy-emoji

But I’m back to writing, this time a new paranormal romance series! Those of you who know me know that paranormal is my ultimate love. I’m very excited to be creating a whole new world, with some amazing new characters! More to come soon, but in the meantime, here’s a snippet:

In the beginning, there were but six elements: earth, air, water, fire, aether, and nether. Out of these elements sprang gods, immortal beings with a multitude of abilities. But in time the gods grew lonely, and each created a world complete with mortals in their own image.

The worlds lived in relative balance and harmony until the nether god, in his greed, desired to rule over all the worlds. To accomplish this he created elementals, warriors with godlike abilities who traveled to the other worlds to establish dominance. In response, the remaining gods created their own elementals, guardians tasked with watching over their world.

And so the elemental guardians were born…



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